I just noticed that I haven’t blogged since May 31, and here it is June 9! Oh, my…

When last we “spoke”, I felt compelled to share a wonderful day in photos. Since then, we have had lots of planting days, with a few days of mama nature taking care of my watering.  The veggies and annuals are all in…I have a final few perennials to pop into the ground today and then I will be done until it is time for the second sowing of things. Well, now that I think about it, that’s not quite true…I’m expecting a yard of garden soil tomorrow so I can fill my 2 x 8 raised bed and then plant our asparagus! Excited to get that in.

We have a digital picture frame in our bedroom that contains every photo I have of my favorite granddaughter (ummm…ONLY granddaughter)…shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I spend a lot of time in or on my bed…it is comfy, I have a little nest for my computer on my lap, and it is where I often blog and share photos…more importantly, it is where I always have the baby with me…we live far away and I’ve only visited in person twice. However, my daughter and son-in-law are INCREDIBLY generous when it comes to sharing with me, supplying me with endless photos and frequent hangouts, so I never feel deprived. Love me some baby girl.

When I moved up here to my heaven, I left behind a lot of friends in a lot of places. Yesterday I had the chance to catch up with four dear friends in Portland…we brunched, we walked, we shopped, we sat on benches, we had snacks and libations onboard a vessel and then we left each other for our respective long drives home. It was wonderful! Aren’t friends refilling/refueling/refreshing? Can’t wait to try it again with other friends!

I get in food ruts. I am currently in a HUGE food rut. For breakfast, lunch or dinner these days, you might see on my plate a tomato, salt, pepper and mayo sandwich on good bread OR chicken and avocado with salt, pepper and mayo on good bread…as a matter of fact, I am going to use the last of the chicken I roasted a few days ago and the last half of an avocado for my breakfast in a few. I wonder what my next food rut will be?


Falling backwards…

October 8, 2012

I doubt that I will have much time to blog over the next couple of weeks. I’m going to be concentrating on my daughter, her husband, their two dogs and two cats…oh, and on that little bundle of BabyGirlBug who will be arriving soon. Whew, I just gave myself goosebumps! I will miss you all, but…hey…it is hopefully true that ol’ Mom is never more wanted and needed than around the birth of a baby.

So, because my brain is all atwitter and otherwise occupied, I thought I would go back in the way way back machine (anybody remember that?) and look at photos I took a year ago this month. Let’s see what difference, if any, a year makes.


October 3, 2012

Oh boy oh boy oh boy Oh girl, oh girl, oh girl…tick tick tick…we are on borrowed time now! Katy and Lucas’ bugchild is due any moment and I am trying to wrap my mind around all I need to do before I leave. Of course, my husband brought a cold home with him from his last trip, a cold which is trying to insinuate itself into my body as we speak. The good news is that my body is usually good at battling colds these days. And of course, as I was cooking dinner last night, I managed to swish 425 degree olive oil onto my left hand as I pulled the roasted potatoes out of the oven…so far, only one blister, but I suspect there may be others. The good news is that I have 7 days or so to heal before I need my hand for hugging my pregnormous daughter and svelte son-in-law AND/OR snuggling and cuddling my precious new granddaughter.

The best news is that I seem to be channeling Katy and am on the receiving end of the stumbles and tumbles one might expect from her unfamiliar bulkiness navigating its way through her life…better me than her!

OK, Babygirlbug…enjoy your last moments of quiet and solitude…the world is waiting to welcome you into its noisy, bright embrace!

Deja vu!

I will say up front, my story is my own…no two paths to Grammyhood are the same…

Preparation for Grammyhood has taken me completely by surprise…gobsmacked, amazed and unnerved, am I…

My daughter has been talking about her future children since she was a child. In elementary school, she had names picked out for all 5 of her potential children. Her dad and I laughed, joked that 5 was a crazy number and waited for time to rewrite her daydreams. We were determined to be the cool parents who never once after her marriage to a sweet, nice guy asked when they were going to have babies…and we were cool.

Yes, we were cool until our daughter presented us with a music box which, when opened, played not only music, but the heartbeat of our future granddaughter…after that, out of control! I was happy for both of them, happy for my 98-1/2yo dad-in-law, happy for all of us. The next weeks and months were full of Katy’s BabyBug blog posts, Thursday family updates, complete with photos and research on jogging strollers and birthing hospitals in Central Florida. Most of the empty spots in my life have been filled by her pregnancy and by dreams of BabyGirlBug.

And yet, there is more…memories of my own pregnancies are dredged up from deep storage…memories of my interaction with my grandparents…memories of my children’s grandparents’ nurturing them and teaching them…my hopes and dreams for my own impending Grammyhood.

All in all, it has been and will continue to be an amazing personal journey for both my daughter and me…who knew?

This week is so full of incredibly wonderful things, I feel as if I should go out my back door, tip my head to the sky and scream…my son and his bride-to-be are here, relaxing and getting ready for the hordes to descend. Today, I have no jobs, per se…I plan to re-pot all the plants I bought on Sunday (half price sale, how I love thee!) and do some weeding up near the wedding site. Tomorrow is mani/pedi with the bride (while the groom and his father smoke a 9 lb. pork butt, baby back ribs and sausages), a hair cut for me in the afternoon, then dinner with my dad-in-law and the happy couple. Thursday, guests start to arrive, I make coleslaw and potato salad for our smoked meat and lobster feed for the bride’s family, the tent goes up and the madness truly sets in. Friday is the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. And Saturday, here come the bride and groom!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that my 32 week pregnant daughter and my son-in-law arrive Thursday evening??? They are bringing along with them my soon-to-be grandbug!!! Hooray!!!

I told friends the other day that I feel absolutely giddy…and I do!! I love this week.

The bride-and-groom-to-be

My soon-to-be grandbug

What’s in a name…

July 23, 2012

When I was pregnant with our first, we could not come up with a girl’s name. The boy’s name was easy…we both agreed immediately that if we had a boy, we knew what his name would be. Wouldn’t you know, our first was a girl. By the time it came to fill out the form for her birth certificate, we finally settled on the name which became the PERFECT name for our beloved little daughter.

When I was pregnant with our second, we once again were unable to come up with/agree on a name for a girl. Thankfully, our second was a boy and the name we had originally chosen turned out to be the PERFECT name for our beloved little son.

Now our darling daughter is pregnant with her first. Katy is extremely active in social media and we have been able to watch almost every aspect of her pregnancy and it is amazing.  We know what she is wearing, what she is eating, how she is feeling, how BabyGirlBug is feeling, where they are going to birth…we know just about everything that is happening to her during this amazing 9 months. It brings back such incredible memories of my own pregnancies…killer heart burn, a midsection that just keeps growing and stretching, a bump that gets so heavy and so unwieldy that the “simple” act of getting up and getting back down are multi-step ventures, swollen feet, fatigue that just completely takes over sometimes…well, there were good memories, too…

However, what we don’t know is what they intend to name our precious granddaughter once she is born. BabyGirlBug has worked well for us for these gestational months, as Katy’s nickname was Bug and BugChild. Knowing in advance that Katy is having a girl is a big deal…back in the old days, there was much more guesswork involved. We didn’t know with either what gender to expect. [OK, there is part of me that is just giggling inside, thinking of the look on Katy’s and Lucas’ faces if BabyGirlBug is born a boy…]

While I don’t care that I won’t know the baby’s name until she is born, I will confess that I have had to restrain myself from emailing suggestions. I wouldn’t care if any of the names I submitted were considered, but it is such fun to come up with combinations. There are no more babies in MY future, so this is my only chance to be creative. I think I’m going to start keeping a list, just for my own amusement.

In reading other blogs, it seems much more common these days to keep the name secret, while freely broadcasting gender. So, I don’t feel all alone here.

The good news is that I am hoping to be present at the birth (either in the room or outside), so I will be one of the first to meet my darling little grandbaby and learn her name. I am a very lucky woman and a very happy Grammy-to-be.