Just because…

May 1, 2013

Just because I thrust a raspberry prickle into the tip of my f-y finger a couple of days ago and can’t get it out so have to wait until it gets a little infected so it will let me get it out…

Just because this week has been full of hunting and gathering and planning with not much time to sit and ponder…

Just because it is spring and time to start working on all the projects we dreamed up over the snowy winter…

Just because I have added reading back into my life and that requires time and that time has to come from somewhere and for me it is coming from my thinking time…

Just because…it took almost no effort to share these photos that show what greeted me when I got out of bed this morning…taken over the space of an hour…

Ain’t mama nature something wonderful?


An antidote to stress…

April 28, 2013

I have been struggling mightily the last couple of weeks, wanting to blog, but feeling as if I didn’t have anything important to say…a lot of people have blogged a lot of profound things. I was one of those who watched TV just about every minute…I didn’t go anywhere and I watched…and even though some time has now passed and things have quieted down, I still watch.

I’m lucky, though…I have this to help take my mind off things, even if only for a few minutes at a time…please feel free to breathe in some peace, soak up some serenity and pass it along…

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Spring is springing…

April 8, 2013

We went for a driveway walk this morning and here are some things we spotted:

Rhododendron buds

Rhododendron buds

Last patch of snow

Last patch of snow

First squirrel of the season

First squirrel of the season

Turkey track?

Turkey track?

"Bunny" in the woods

“Bunny” in the woods

And, at the end of the walk...

And, at the end of the walk…

Because I really don’t want to get up and start my day, and because I have been going through scanned photos and have been thinking about my mother-in-law a lot (she died in 2010 and we now live in her house), and because I have been watching our old home videos (remember, my husband is a TV guy and my children were constantly being recruited by him for little movies, written, shot and produced by hus), I thought I would share a particularly poignant and funny memory of Molly and my mum-in-law’s prosthesis…

A long, long time ago, we rescued a black and white springer spaniel named Molly. She was 4 months old when she came to us, and we figured that she would eventually outgrow her puppy, mouthy ways…um, no, she was a springer spaniel…springers tend to remain puppyish until they are 10, then they are old…no inbetween. In those days, my in-laws lived half a year in Maine and half in Arizona. So, twice a year, they would come stay with us overnight as they passed through our area.

Now I need to go back a little…my mum-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a radical mastectomy when she was, if I remember correctly, in her late 60s. As a result, she had a breast prosthesis that she wore in her bra when she was out in public…and visits to us were deemed to be public.

OK, back to one of their twice-yearly visits…we had a wonderful weekend together and waved the in-laws off on their journey back home to Maine. After they left, we were returning the house to its normal state when we caught Molly happily pulling the filling out of what looked like a fluff-stuffed bean bag. We were absolutely baffled as to what the thing was, gathered up all the pieces and put them aside for later consideration. That evening, when my mum-in-law called to tell us they had gotten home safely, she asked me if I had found the breast prosthesis that she had inadvertently left it behind. I told her I would look for it, hung up, and BAM! The lightbulb went off…Molly had found the missing prosthesis and that was what she had de-fluffed.  The hus and I frantically stuffed all the fluff back in, I painstakingly stitched it back together and we sent it off to my mum-in-law with fulsome apologies and offers of replacement…included in the package was a hus-drawn cartoon of a penitent Molly holding an eviscerated prosthesis in her mouth. This became a family joke, and just the mention of Molly’s name in mum-in-law’s presence elicited fits of giggling.

I loved my mum-in-law’s ability to laugh…I think of her so often and cherish all the memories that make us all smile.

I was so disappointed to watch footage this morning of the Rutgers men’s basketball coach physically and verbally abusing his players. As far as I’m concerned, it is one thing to be a tough, demanding coach and entirely another to scream at, push, throw balls at and aim homophobic slurs at students. As of yesterday, Coach Mike Rice had been suspended for three games and fined a few dollars. As of today, when the footage has been viewed by the world, I will be willing to bet (except I don’t bet) that the punishment will increase. I’ll be watching…

A shout out to my very brave dad, who, at age 88, went under the knife yesterday to have his hip replaced. The surgery went well and we are all hoping for as pain-free a rehab as possible. Dad has promised to take his pain pills when needed and to be diligent with his physical therapy. We are all looking forward to hearing stories of him back on the golf course and able to walk without pain. YOU GO, DAD!

One whole week of this stupid, weird cold…it started last Thursday, when I awoke with a slight sore throat and a little sinus pressure…that continued for days, so I chalked it up to seasonal allergies (I don’t have allergies, but everyone said that they can come on at any time). But then, on Monday, I started having to blow my nose frequently…Tuesday, the cough and sore chest started. Today, more of the same…I am very tired of this, thank you, and will be happy when it is gone.

Boo, the mighty mouse hunter, found a mouse huddled under my boot this morning…he pointed and pointed and wagged and wagged until I moved the boot. Boo dove in, picked up the mouse and started carrying it around in his mouth…I opened the front door, let them both out and watched Boo drop it…I wooed Boo back inside and went out and flung the dead mouse into the woods. It is usually the cats who do my mouse-patrolling; my smart doggie must have been studying them…way to go, Boo!

I worked on income taxes last month, then left it for later…I think it is now later…I know what I’ll be doing today after I get back from working at the library…

Finally, I think we have seen the last of real snow for the winter…it has been cold overnight and in the early mornings, but the temps have gotten up into the upper 40s and 50s during the day…I am even sleeping with the sliding door open to the ocean…I will miss winter, but oh…I do love spring!

Dreaming of spring

Dreaming of spring

I have a confession to make…a dirty little secret I have unsuccessfully tried to protect all my life…I am a TERRIBLE house cleaner. I’m really good at doing defined tasks, like laundry and meal preparation and dishwasher loading and unloading. But, somehow, the gene which allows the brain to organize something so complicated as real, deep cleaning is missing in me.

Well, it is time for spring cleaning and I am in trouble. I have been scouring the internet for tips on how to methodically clean a house. If I had my druthers, I would hire someone to clean for me, but my house isn’t big enough to allow me to do that with a clear conscience…if they can do it, I should be able to do it.

My biggest bugaboos are:

  • All hardwood floors (which I adore)  that accumulate piles of dust and cat fur at the most alarming rate – We vacuum daily with the Dyson stick and/or the minivac and there are more piles by the time we finish
  • Beautiful, high ceilings throughout – Back to that dust? We have a fluffy duster on a long stick for corners, but there is no way to reach all the way up
  • Our collections…I have collected, variously, over the years, Mexican-style glass pitchers, fish, cats, tea pots and Mark Switzer figurines – they now adorn the tops of all the tall kitchen cabinets and any extra shelf in the house and require dusting and/or running through the dish washer

Does anyone have any surefire, can’t miss organizational tips for spring cleaning they would like to share with this challenged ditz? I would be MOST appreciative…

This is for all of you who have been laden down in snow and ice and cold weather forever and ever and ever (or so it seems this year)…yes, spring is alive and well…look at all the different shades of blue!

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