Just because…

May 1, 2013

Just because I thrust a raspberry prickle into the tip of my f-y finger a couple of days ago and can’t get it out so have to wait until it gets a little infected so it will let me get it out…

Just because this week has been full of hunting and gathering and planning with not much time to sit and ponder…

Just because it is spring and time to start working on all the projects we dreamed up over the snowy winter…

Just because I have added reading back into my life and that requires time and that time has to come from somewhere and for me it is coming from my thinking time…

Just because…it took almost no effort to share these photos that show what greeted me when I got out of bed this morning…taken over the space of an hour…

Ain’t mama nature something wonderful?


3 Responses to “Just because…”

  1. These are splendid Lynna!! (and reading is back in my life too!)

  2. karen Says:

    Fantastic photos! You are truly blessed. And yes, it’s hard to find the time to do all the spring activities we dreamed about all summer. Complicating matters for us is the late start we are getting as we finish up our living room renovation, a week-long vacation mid-May, and a new grandbaby in June. All happy complications, but it means that the summer will fly by!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog…. you have a new follower!

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