Little bits of things…

April 3, 2013

I was so disappointed to watch footage this morning of the Rutgers men’s basketball coach physically and verbally abusing his players. As far as I’m concerned, it is one thing to be a tough, demanding coach and entirely another to scream at, push, throw balls at and aim homophobic slurs at students. As of yesterday, Coach Mike Rice had been suspended for three games and fined a few dollars. As of today, when the footage has been viewed by the world, I will be willing to bet (except I don’t bet) that the punishment will increase. I’ll be watching…

A shout out to my very brave dad, who, at age 88, went under the knife yesterday to have his hip replaced. The surgery went well and we are all hoping for as pain-free a rehab as possible. Dad has promised to take his pain pills when needed and to be diligent with his physical therapy. We are all looking forward to hearing stories of him back on the golf course and able to walk without pain. YOU GO, DAD!

One whole week of this stupid, weird cold…it started last Thursday, when I awoke with a slight sore throat and a little sinus pressure…that continued for days, so I chalked it up to seasonal allergies (I don’t have allergies, but everyone said that they can come on at any time). But then, on Monday, I started having to blow my nose frequently…Tuesday, the cough and sore chest started. Today, more of the same…I am very tired of this, thank you, and will be happy when it is gone.

Boo, the mighty mouse hunter, found a mouse huddled under my boot this morning…he pointed and pointed and wagged and wagged until I moved the boot. Boo dove in, picked up the mouse and started carrying it around in his mouth…I opened the front door, let them both out and watched Boo drop it…I wooed Boo back inside and went out and flung the dead mouse into the woods. It is usually the cats who do my mouse-patrolling; my smart doggie must have been studying them…way to go, Boo!

I worked on income taxes last month, then left it for later…I think it is now later…I know what I’ll be doing today after I get back from working at the library…

Finally, I think we have seen the last of real snow for the winter…it has been cold overnight and in the early mornings, but the temps have gotten up into the upper 40s and 50s during the day…I am even sleeping with the sliding door open to the ocean…I will miss winter, but oh…I do love spring!

Dreaming of spring

Dreaming of spring


One Response to “Little bits of things…”

  1. AhimsaBirth Says:

    Go Boo, go Dad!

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