What to say when you can’t say anything…

December 15, 2012

What does one say on a day like today? I don’t want to say anything. But if I don’t say anything, I will burst. 20 babies gone, 7 adults who were caring for them…27 mothers’ children…gone in the blink of an eye by a “madman”…but he wasn’t a “madman” in the fantasy sense of the word. He was a mother’s son, too. He was someone’s baby.

My initial reaction was to once again rage against the too-too-many guns in our world and the too-too-easy way they are available to folks who don’t need them for anything other than mayhem. But it goes much farther than that…and my mind isn’t prepared to completely wrap itself around the enormity of the tragedy.

Against whom or what do we rage? And how do we turn the rage into action that makes a difference?

What a day…what a day…I’m on my way out to lower our flag to half staff…

Half staff


4 Responses to “What to say when you can’t say anything…”

  1. Lynna, I think if this kind of weapon, the kind that two of them were…holding tons of ammo, firing super quickly …must be banned. I was thinking about his mom too last night, whose guns were used to mow down theses innocent victims. I thought if she too hadn’t been murdered, how would she have found the will to live after this.. She raised him from baby to boy to young man…never guessing she was raising an assassin as she tucked her little boy into bed at night. Never realizing the guns she proudly owned would be turned against her…and all these others.

  2. Beth Says:

    Lynna, Thanks for writing this. I did rage yesterday against the guns and the gun culture. I am married to a man who owns guns but respects their power and does not idolize them as I see others do.

    I have always prided myself as someone who respects the rights of others to pursue their interests and to not allow the government to restrict or meddle in their affairs. But after this week, I have to say enough is enough. Sadly, I have no hope that our elected officials who cannot deal with the current fiscal problems will be able to tackle the king of all political issues. My only hope is that a populist demand from the citizens of this country will force their hand.

    That could easily have been my child…I am just sick with that thought.

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