My journey to Grammy-hood…

November 28, 2012

I started this post immediately after my return from two weeks of baby watch and baby celebration. Since then, I have been luxuriating in photos, videos and hangouts with baby and, consequently, with all my kids. I couldn’t bring myself to just sit and write…some days, I feel as if I MUST write and it just flows. Other days, I can’t bring myself to sit in front of the monitor to memorialize my thoughts. So, getting back to my journey…

My sweet father-in-law passed away quietly and suddenly, we were responsible for arranging for disposition of a 2 bedroom apartment worth of a lifetime of household items…some of monetary value, most of sentimental value. We did as much as we could before it was time for me to hop a plane for Greater Orlando and the impending birth of my granddaughter. BabyBug was officially due on October 6, but I kind of thought she would come on her original due date of 10/11/12. So, I flew in on October 9, fortunate enough to have timed things correctly. We (hopefully) had a few days for her to show me the ropes of their household and to ooh and ahh over all the little newborn doo dads and whiz bangs…the changing table was all set up with newborn diapers and newborn onesies and a wipes warmer (oh, that was heavenly!)…the swaddlers and the Moby and the Ergo and the swing and…nothing missing except BabyBug herself. At Katy’s final doctor’s appointment, she was scheduled to be induced if the baby hadn’t arrived by October 18. Well, if you thought that was happening, you don’t know my Katy. She had a birth plan and, by golly, BabyBug was NOT going to be induced. If you Google “how to start labor”, you will find a lot of things that Katy tried…the worst, in my eyes, was the consumption of a glass of hot green salsa with squirts of hot sauce mixed in; the best was lots of fresh pineapple. We’ll never know what, if anything, worked, but she did go into labor in the wee tiny hours of October 12. Katy had a doula, whose presence wasn’t needed until she got to the hospital. Part of the reason she wasn’t needed is that I was there. I know that sounds pompous and full-of-myself…Lucas was a great labor partner and she couldn’t have done the first few hours without him. But something kicks in when mom and daughter are together at a time like labor…I was able to rub her feet and her back and hug her through the contractions and feed her cold grapes and MOANNNNNN with her…by mid-afternoon, Katy was ready for the hospital (her overwhelming fear was that she was going to be sent home as not being far enough along, so it took some convincing that we really thought she was NOT going to be sent home). The dogs, the cats and I then settled in for the long wait at home…I turned up the volume on my cell phone, changed the text ring tone to something I knew would wake me if I was sleeping…

The first update came after Katy had been admitted at 5cm…yay!!!! She was struggling, but Lucas and her wonderful doula took really good care of and with her. I got a few text updates as she progressed…then came the text at 1:02am, 10/13/2012, of a beautiful newborn…born at 12:44am…7lb. 7oz., 20.5 inches long and with all fingers and toes. BabyBug was revealed to be Miss Audrey Saison…what a darling little girl. Katy’s birth story can be found HERE, if you are so inclined.

That first week was a blur of Katy and Lucas and baby and dogs and cats and breastfeeding and diaper changing, with an overlay of adoration and wonder and such amazing love. The second week was the week I was most happy to be there. I remember vividly how overwhelmed and frightened I felt on occasion when I first brought Katy home from the hospital, so many years ago. I was an extra set of hands when needed, a googler of infant hiccups and infant spit up and infant poo colors and consistency, a bringer of glasses of ice water, the maker of macaroni and cheese and the provider of Publix subs (ohmygod, I was hooked!) and Thai food and Mexican food, as the cravings hit…and most of all, I was a mother, mother-in-law and grandmother totally in love.

And so it all began…I am Grammy!


6 Responses to “My journey to Grammy-hood…”

  1. oh Lynna, it has been such a joy to follow this journey…and I loved,loved the image of you rubbing Katy’s feet and moaning with her… what a lucky daughter and what a joy for a mom! And that baby is simply and truly precious :).

  2. You were also:

    **the talker-down of panic attacks
    **the baby-holder so mommy could take a bathroom break
    **the sidekick who allowed my husband to go back to work with confidence
    **the reminder of medicine
    **the babysitter of dogs

    and so much more. You’re right — I didn’t know how much I needed my mommy until I was brought to my knees (literally — remember me in the kitchen?) with discomfort. And Lucas would be the first to agree…he was amazing, and I needed his quiet reassurance as much as I needed the nurses firm instructions…YOU were the person I needed during the worst of it at home.

  3. KLM Says:

    Welcome back (to blogging!)! I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to post about your new grand baby! She is gorgeous!!

  4. Suzy Says:

    A loving tribute to the wonder of life and the special bond of families and generations.

  5. […] winter has already brought its share of surprises. First, while I was in FL, awaiting the birth of Audrey Saison, my husband emailed me a photo of a mystery mammal on our deck…looked like a little opossum […]

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