October 3, 2012

Oh boy oh boy oh boy Oh girl, oh girl, oh girl…tick tick tick…we are on borrowed time now! Katy and Lucas’ bugchild is due any moment and I am trying to wrap my mind around all I need to do before I leave. Of course, my husband brought a cold home with him from his last trip, a cold which is trying to insinuate itself into my body as we speak. The good news is that my body is usually good at battling colds these days. And of course, as I was cooking dinner last night, I managed to swish 425 degree olive oil onto my left hand as I pulled the roasted potatoes out of the oven…so far, only one blister, but I suspect there may be others. The good news is that I have 7 days or so to heal before I need my hand for hugging my pregnormous daughter and svelte son-in-law AND/OR snuggling and cuddling my precious new granddaughter.

The best news is that I seem to be channeling Katy and am on the receiving end of the stumbles and tumbles one might expect from her unfamiliar bulkiness navigating its way through her life…better me than her!

OK, Babygirlbug…enjoy your last moments of quiet and solitude…the world is waiting to welcome you into its noisy, bright embrace!

Deja vu!


5 Responses to “Anticipation…”

  1. roundandroundinastraightline Says:

    Exquisite anticipation and wonderful photo … Joy, joy!! And take good care of yourself dear Lynna!!

  2. Jess Mutty Says:

    Squeeeee! I am super excited for you for what is sure to be a ridiculously FUN and emotional journey. Good luck to the new parents… I wish them an easy Birth Day and as much love as I have found with my little nuggets!

    • StarStruk Says:

      I think of you so often, Jess…you have beautiful babes, a good man as your husband (despite his politics 🙂 ) and are a talented and beautiful woman…I think Katy feels she is as ready as she can get. HypnoBabies has helped her stay pretty positive and calm…at least so far!

  3. ragtopday Says:

    Absolutely adore this photo!

  4. karen Says:

    Can’t wait to see photos…..grandma!

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