And so one story ends…

September 29, 2012

Not long after I published yesterday’s blog post, I jumped in my car to run errands for my dad-in-law, Joe. Though I had grocery shopped for him the day before, his caretaker let me know that they were almost out of one crucial item. As I drove down the driveway, I noticed my car was pulling hard to the left. Oh, yes, a flat-as-a-pancake tire. So much for plans. AAA found me (and it only took an hour for them to get here), pumped up the tire and directed me to a repair place a ways up the peninsula. A really nice young man pulled the nail out of the tire, patched it and pumped it up…voila! No new tire needed (well, not yet…time soon to drop money on all new tires)…YES!

Once home, I checked the phone for messages, only to find one from my dad-in-law’s apartment, advising me to come as quickly as I could, timestamped about an hour before. I called and was told that Joe had passed away. Oh, the irony…had my tire not been flat, I would have been there with him when he died. I’m not moping about that, it is just one of those “things must happen for a reason.”

More than sad, I feel nostalgic. I was welcomed into the family’s embrace as a gawky, awkward college student and have grown up, had children and watched them grow bathed in the love of their grands. I celebrate Joe’s life and am so glad I could have been part of his life’s ending chapters.

Very soon, Joe’s ashes will join those of his adored wife, swirling around in the waves just beyond the home they both loved. My morning sunrise photos will soon include echoes of my dear in-laws…a worthy tribute to good folks who lived good long lives.

You were loved, Joe…I am proud to have known you and am glad to have been here with you for the last years of your good life.

RIP, Joe


8 Responses to “And so one story ends…”

  1. karen Says:

    So sorry for your loss….and it does seem that it was a tremendous loss to you and your family. I’m so glad, though, that you took the time to love him and care for him in life.

  2. ragtopday Says:

    My thoughts are with you and your family today. May your love and memories of Joe live forever in your hearts.

  3. Oh Lynna, I’m so sorry. Katy has been keeping me posted on his health, so I know this was no unexpected but it doesn’t make the good-bye any less sad and yes, the perfect word is nostalgic. It’s hard when we reach that point that we know for sure that it’s time for our loved one to go. Yet when that moment comes, there is so much sadness and finality to it. My thoughts to you and your husband. I know I watch too many Disney movies but I can’t help but be struck by the Circle of Life timing of one key life in your family passing on just days (hopefully not weeks!) before another new life enters your family.

    My thoughts are with the whole family.

  4. Jim Says:

    Lynna, so sorry to hear of your loss… may the good times and happy memories comfort you and yours now and forever. You are all in Bunny’s and my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Jane Perry Says:

    Lynna, so sorry to hear about Joe’s passing. It must be a difficult time for you and Peter and of course his grandkids. What a great guy he was….and so fortunate that you and Peter were able to live with him in his final time in this life. Maybe he was waiting for Andy’s special day……love to you and Peter

    Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, Jane Perry 951-293-6891

  6. Love to you all Lynna. What a lovely tribute.

  7. So sorry for your loss, Lynna. My thoughts are with you and your family. Sounds like he was a great guy who had a fine life.

  8. Adrienne Says:

    Lynna, thank you for sharing this story. I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers for your family.

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