Grammy (or will it be Gammy?) in waiting…

September 12, 2012

I will say up front, my story is my own…no two paths to Grammyhood are the same…

Preparation for Grammyhood has taken me completely by surprise…gobsmacked, amazed and unnerved, am I…

My daughter has been talking about her future children since she was a child. In elementary school, she had names picked out for all 5 of her potential children. Her dad and I laughed, joked that 5 was a crazy number and waited for time to rewrite her daydreams. We were determined to be the cool parents who never once after her marriage to a sweet, nice guy asked when they were going to have babies…and we were cool.

Yes, we were cool until our daughter presented us with a music box which, when opened, played not only music, but the heartbeat of our future granddaughter…after that, out of control! I was happy for both of them, happy for my 98-1/2yo dad-in-law, happy for all of us. The next weeks and months were full of Katy’s BabyBug blog posts, Thursday family updates, complete with photos and research on jogging strollers and birthing hospitals in Central Florida. Most of the empty spots in my life have been filled by her pregnancy and by dreams of BabyGirlBug.

And yet, there is more…memories of my own pregnancies are dredged up from deep storage…memories of my interaction with my grandparents…memories of my children’s grandparents’ nurturing them and teaching them…my hopes and dreams for my own impending Grammyhood.

All in all, it has been and will continue to be an amazing personal journey for both my daughter and me…who knew?


9 Responses to “Grammy (or will it be Gammy?) in waiting…”

  1. Oh Lynna! What a wonderful heart (beat) filled post! How brilliant a gift that music box was… in anticipation of a much greater gift soon to arrive! I am so happy for you, you will be the very best of Grammys (or Gammys :))

  2. Bunny Says:

    Lhat is wonderful!! What a sweet way to announce her pregnancy! And I just love the photo 🙂

  3. Betsi Says:

    I never have the discipline to write as beautifully as you, but I completely understand. You know, Jennie is also having a baby…due in 18 days! All those pregnancy feelings came back and it has been fun (and quick) to watch the progress. I know Katy’s baby will fill you with so much joy, as I’m anticipating my little granddaughter will do 🙂

  4. Says:

    And so it continues. Love Mom and (Pemogra)

  5. karen Says:

    Oh and what fun you’ll have with BabyGirlBug! Being a Memere is the most fun I’ve had in all my life!!

  6. Lorri Says:

    I love you, Lyyna

  7. Lorri Says:

    oops. typo….Lynna. and I love the pic that goes with this beautiful piece….

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