My ode to September…

September 11, 2012

Ahhhhh…September…follows sticky August which follows sweaty July…time to send my pedal pushers and tee shirts to off-season storage and return my sweatshirts and light jackets to the pegs…salads become soups…plants on the deck become plants tucked away in all nooks and crannies of our tiny little house…I still need to research whether and how I can overwinter bougainvillea so I can plant it next spring…

The very best part of September, though, is the air. Many days are crystal clear, bright and shiny with just a touch of coolness in the breeze. The angle of the sun reflects dazzling sparkles off the ocean, a glittery path which changes moment to moment as the sun’s path moves. The sun seems to shine as brightly as the prior couple of months, but the air between the sun and me is that much more comfortable these days. Boo loves to sleep stretched out on the deck, face to the sun, oblivious to the music floating through the air from the tuned chimes hanging in the tree. The colors are crisper and brighter in the September light, the whites very white. Even the shadows seem more defined.

All right, that was more than a little over the top, but I am so in love with September here on the Midcoast. Here’s just a taste of why…


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