What’s in a name…

July 23, 2012

When I was pregnant with our first, we could not come up with a girl’s name. The boy’s name was easy…we both agreed immediately that if we had a boy, we knew what his name would be. Wouldn’t you know, our first was a girl. By the time it came to fill out the form for her birth certificate, we finally settled on the name which became the PERFECT name for our beloved little daughter.

When I was pregnant with our second, we once again were unable to come up with/agree on a name for a girl. Thankfully, our second was a boy and the name we had originally chosen turned out to be the PERFECT name for our beloved little son.

Now our darling daughter is pregnant with her first. Katy is extremely active in social media and we have been able to watch almost every aspect of her pregnancy and it is amazing.  We know what she is wearing, what she is eating, how she is feeling, how BabyGirlBug is feeling, where they are going to birth…we know just about everything that is happening to her during this amazing 9 months. It brings back such incredible memories of my own pregnancies…killer heart burn, a midsection that just keeps growing and stretching, a bump that gets so heavy and so unwieldy that the “simple” act of getting up and getting back down are multi-step ventures, swollen feet, fatigue that just completely takes over sometimes…well, there were good memories, too…

However, what we don’t know is what they intend to name our precious granddaughter once she is born. BabyGirlBug has worked well for us for these gestational months, as Katy’s nickname was Bug and BugChild. Knowing in advance that Katy is having a girl is a big deal…back in the old days, there was much more guesswork involved. We didn’t know with either what gender to expect. [OK, there is part of me that is just giggling inside, thinking of the look on Katy’s and Lucas’ faces if BabyGirlBug is born a boy…]

While I don’t care that I won’t know the baby’s name until she is born, I will confess that I have had to restrain myself from emailing suggestions. I wouldn’t care if any of the names I submitted were considered, but it is such fun to come up with combinations. There are no more babies in MY future, so this is my only chance to be creative. I think I’m going to start keeping a list, just for my own amusement.

In reading other blogs, it seems much more common these days to keep the name secret, while freely broadcasting gender. So, I don’t feel all alone here.

The good news is that I am hoping to be present at the birth (either in the room or outside), so I will be one of the first to meet my darling little grandbaby and learn her name. I am a very lucky woman and a very happy Grammy-to-be.


6 Responses to “What’s in a name…”

  1. Jess Mutty Says:

    Aww, I can just FEEL your excitement!! It’s true that the gender reveal and the name surprise tends to be the norm these days. They’re all delightful surprises no matter when you hear them!

  2. mamaross Says:

    Lynna, It brings tears of happiness to my eyes just reading this. I think it is okay to share the names with Katie. It is just a game. That is unless Katie and Lucas feel otherwise 🙂 I had so many girl names on my lists and no boy names. Look what happened with us. love ya, sister kim

  3. Katy Widrick Says:

    Send the ideas my way! We have a short list already (and part of the reason we’re not sharing is that we don’t want to change our minds based on other people’s reactions…) BUT every day we kick around a few new options, so that would help 🙂

  4. karen Says:

    Congratulations on becoming a Grammy-to-be! you will so love being a grammy! Our son didn’t want to reveal the baby’s name before she was born so as not to have all kinds of advice from everyone and their cousin. We are very happy with our sweet Emily.

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