More bits and bobs…

June 28, 2012

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…June has brought the coast busting forth with light and life and sparkle…I am in love with sleeping with the sliders open to the ocean.

These days, our feeders are crowded…hummingbirds and squirrels are enjoying all the sugar water feeders (hus laughs at me when I spring half-naked from the bed, throw open the screen and dash onto the deck berating marauding squirrels)…gold finches, purple finches, FLAMING cardinals, cheeky jays and the occasional chickadee jockey for space on the seed feeders…the chipmunks and squirrels are RAVAGING the corn cob feeders; they go through corn cobs at an astonishing rate!

An article by Anne Marie Slaughter in The Atlantic Magazine restarted the discussion about the cockeyed notion that we women can have everything all at the same time. Ha! I was a mother who worked outside the home for all of my children’s lives. And as hard as my husband and I juggled, there was no way to “have it all”…I traded in lots of career opportunities to take jobs which allowed me a certain amount of freedom to mother my children appropriately…I always mentioned, front and center, at job interviews that I was a mother and that if my kids needed me, I needed to have flexibility. I was an administrative assistant (or, when I worked in law firms, a legal assistant) and always had a computer at home where I could work if necessary. That became critical when I had been at a job for less than a month when my boss went on a three week vacation to Scotland. The Sunday before I was to be on my own, one child came down with chicken pox…I stayed home a week, then went back to work for a week. Then the second child came down with chicken pox and I was out for another week. The best part was that he understood and that I continued to work for him for 10 years, before he died suddenly of a heart attack. So, my takeaway from this ongoing, much-discussed topic is that choices must be made…I think the secret is being comfortable with and learning how to embrace those choices…

Finally, we have had some new visitors over the ocean this week…only, I really am not able to accurately identify them. It is either a family of ospreys or a family of bald eagles…two parents seem to be teaching a tweener how to fish…I haven’t been able to capture a decent photo, but can anyone help me identify these from my far-away attempts?

Eagle or osprey or just a blob?

Eagle or osprey or just a blob?

Eagle or osprey or just a blob?

Eagle or osprey or just a blob?

Eagle or osprey or just a blob?


One Response to “More bits and bobs…”

  1. Katy Widrick Says:

    And you know what’s funny? I remember those chicken pox weeks! They were crazy but you sent us out in the rain to play. That’s one of the most vivid memories of my childhood. Me and Drew, covered in scabs and pox marks twirling in the raindrops.

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