What a week…

May 18, 2012

This was quite the fecund week around here.

It rained and misted and fogged, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. My pansies from last year spontaneously regenerated themselves and are in their full egg yolk yellow glory under the hummingbird feeder.  I bought a beautiful red verbena to hang on the front porch and it, too, seems to be thriving. I got my first two whiskey barrels planted with butterfly and hummingbird attracting flower seeds. Here’s hoping for no more frosts! If these survive, there’s no stopping me!

Then the sun came out…and  so did the birds! Lots of hummingbirds, jays (which seem to have supplanted the woodpeckers this week), finches, sparrows and the steadfast chickadees to feast at our 5 feeders…little butterflies flit from one greening bush to another…the azaleas are fading and the rhododendrons are swelling…the ferns are unfurling and the water plants are back…

Then my bug child’s mid-pregnancy anatomy scan showed that her bug child is a girl…I was totally prepared to love my grandchild, no matter what the gender. I didn’t always feel like that, exactly. When I was pregnant with my first, I just assumed she’d be a girl; it never occurred to me that it would be otherwise. I am one of four girls, my Grandma was one of four girls…I was sure that would trump Hus’ status as one of two boys…and it did! She was a girl. Duh…  When I got pregnant with my second, I once again assumed it would be a girl…imagine my surprise when Andrew Ian leapt out into the world! What did I know about raising a boy??? Of course, all that changed as soon as I met him and I figured it out.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned that we are renovating the garage building on our property.  The foundation was cracked and heaving and the building was starting to slump. So, we bit the bullet and hired a contractor.  He cleared space next to the building, jacked it up, hoisted it with a crane over onto the cleared space…when I say hoisted, I mean the building dangled a few feet above the ground before it was swiveled into its temporary resting place. They broke up the old foundation, excavated, poured concrete and then filled the big hole with the excavated dirt…I’m thinking that the rest of the foundation will be poured today, which means that just maybe, the garage building will be taking another flight back onto its fancy new foundation next week.  They worked through the rain…I am so impressed with everyone who has been part of the project so far.  Pup and I are going up to take photos of the site as soon as I hit Publish on this post…

OK, all the doors and windows are open, the house is full of birdsong and the shhhhhh-ing of the waves, the squirrel is back on his favorite bird feeder (black sunflower seeds, yum yum yum) and it is time to begin the day. Have a good one!


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