In a fog…

May 10, 2012

I am in a fog in more than one way…

Foggy morn

I am in a fog of waiting…


…waiting to become a Grammy, as far away from me my first-born carries her first child. I cherish each photograph of her swelling body and each blog post in which she shares the smaller things…what memories it brings back…this is a good fog to be in!

Remember when everybody smoked?

…waiting to become a mum-in-law again…excited to expand our family again…we enjoy her family and can’t wait to see my second-born marry his love on the same lawn on which hus and I were wed nearly 37 years ago.


…waiting with my beloved dad-in-law as he spends whatever time his 98yo body is going to give him…hoping to make this stage of his life as easy and happy as we can…we have slipped into his routine and have become an almost integral part of life in the assisted living center…we know the names and histories of most of the residents…at dinner on Wednesdays and brunch on Sunday, we are sad to see one at a table where there used to be two…we are so blessed to be here.

…waiting to figure out where my life is headed. I am in the most wonderful place on the ocean with the man I love, my children are happy, I have a dog that adores me and two cats that tolerate me…I read, write, walk, photograph, cook, eat (which is why I just rejoined Weight Watchers, in an attempt to teach myself portion control)…I’m sure there will be more, once the fog clears…until it does, I’m in a good place!

Cloud hands cradle the supermoon


4 Responses to “In a fog…”

  1. Oh Lynna, what a beautiful post, your photos and your lovely words!! May you and yours be softly cradled by cloud hands. Wonderful image !

  2. karen Says:

    I’m happy that you’ve found such peace and contentment in every area of your life. Congratulations on your expanding family.

  3. Beth Moffitt Haverlah Says:

    Your blog this morning was a wonderful way for me to start out my day. Thank you!

  4. ragtopday Says:

    You sound so incredibly happy. I’m so glad for you – my heart is swelling as I read.

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