April 24, 2012

OK, I know that sounds really kinky, but the whole world has been talking about SPANX…the story of the woman who invented SPANX, the fact that a lot of those smooth lines and sexy curves we see on TV are presented to us by SPANX-like gut and fanny tamers…now it seems that SPANX have come to the rest of us.

Thanks to pregnancies, menopause and the good life, I carry extra weight around my mid-section…it was only slightly heartening to read that this is a common condition in women “of a certain age”. The last play I did, The Dixie Swim Club, required that I make lots of costume changes backstage in the wings, space shared with the all-male set crew. For that show, I purchased my first one-piece foundation garment which provided a modicum of modesty…the fact that the garment also provided a bit of girdle-action wasn’t lost on me. But to wear it any other time just didn’t seem to be in the cards.

Then, along came my first pair of SPANX…I just couldn’t resist. I took them on their “maiden” voyage to enjoy brunch with my dad-in-law last Sunday. For starters, it took me 15 minutes AND a full-body workout to get into the thing. I know that I bought the right size, but the “right” size means a very “tight” size. Oh my gosh…but once I wriggled them all the way up over the rolls and lumps and back fat, I was suitably impressed. The garment doesn’t hide the bulk so much as distribute it into smoother lines. It encourages good posture which helps with the overall look of the body, anyway. The hus noticed, said it was a good look…and I made it through brunch without feeling too sausage-like. Overall, I am impressed. Won’t wear them every day under my jeans and shirts, but might pull them out for a night on the town. Thank you, Sara Blakely, inventor of SPANX!

P.S. I did no research on this prior to blogging, but I focus on and name SPANX exclusively because that is the brand name that comes to mind and the one I purchased.l I’m sure there are lots of other brands of gut and fanny tamers out there and I am NOT saying that those products aren’t as good as or better than SPANX. So, there.


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