Bits and bobs…

April 14, 2012

The weather has slowly but surely crept up on me…an uneventful winter slid into a premature and uneventful spring…now spring is just creeping along. If I don’t look closely, I won’t notice the magic that is happening around me by the moment. First it was a squirrel that started haunting the bird feeder outside our bedroom winter. It just so happens that the bird feeder in question is also right in front of the dresser on which the cats eat. So, the squirrel became daily entertainment for the felines in this house. The daylilies and other bulbs have put forth green shoots through the old, dead leaves that protect them during the cold winter…if there had been a cold winter. Lobster boats are once again a common sight in our front/back yard. Seasonal restaurants and other businesses are landscaping their grounds, painting the trim and hanging out OPEN signs. I am trying really hard to keep my eyes open and absorb all the gradual changes.

Boo wasn’t well for a few weeks…he ate as befits an active pup, pooped and peed normally, ran pell mell down the driveway on morning walks…there was just something wrong. His happy tail didn’t wag in time with his emotions…the cats started sleeping on the bed alongside the dog because he didn’t immediately leap on them…he didn’t spring off the bed in the early morning to accompany me outside to photograph the sunrise…nothing huge, but definitely something was wrong. We feared that it was Lyme-related, although in all the research I did, none of this appeared as a symptom. We finally took him to the vet, who drew blood to be sure they hadn’t missed something the first time around. Now, I’m sure you know the rest of the story…as soon as we got home from the vet, he started chasing the cats, begging for treats, barking to go out, wagging that irrepressible tail of his…by yesterday, we had our “normal” dog back. It reminded me so much of being a mother and knowing that there was something wrong with my kid, watching to be sure it wasn’t just my imagination, finally making the doctor’s appointment and, POOF, whatever was ailing said kid would magically disappear, leaving behind the “normal” child.

OK, now this one sounds really crazy, but…y’all know that I live on the coast, overlooking the ocean, surrounded by trees and open fields. The coast has a soundtrack that changes constantly…sounds of the waves in all weather conditions, the background chirping and cheeping as the birds return, the creaking of trees in the wind…but I swear that I often hear a faint humming sound, as if a motor was running quietly out on the water…but I hear it when there are no boats in sight, no machinery working nearby, no cars idling in the driveway, no logical source of the sound. I’m going to talk to hus about it and see what he thinks it is. For now, I think it is just the world humming along…


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