Just call us late to the party…

March 5, 2012

I’ve often mentioned that we live a ways away from most vestiges of “civilization”…we don’t just run out to the grocery store or the drug store on a whim. We almost never get out to the movies and we don’t have On Demand. Last week, we discovered Red Box…it is right in the grocery store, making checkout and return a breeze. It just meant that we had to keep the movies for 3 to 4 days before returning them, which seemed a bit wasteful. Then, this weekend, a Netflix ad caught our attention. My daughter and my former boss use or used Netflix extensively. But we never even investigated it, just plodded on not seeing movies.

Well, friends, we signed up for Netflix through our Wii yesterday and — oh, my…free for a month, then $8/month, we have movies, old and new; we have documentaries; we have possibilities we have yet to even explore…so exciting.  Yes, I know, Netflix is old hat and we are old fogies. But please share with us some things we should enjoy with our new toy. And also let me know if we should shell out an additional $8/month to be able to get DVDs by mail. Netflix says there are more TV programs available on DVD than via our Wii…worth it or not?

P.S. Today is a perfect day to explore Netflix…it seems as if winter has finally arrived…our day started with beautiful snow…light snow, but it is accumulating a bit…love it!


5 Responses to “Just call us late to the party…”

  1. tewes Says:

    oh Lynna, so much to see…my latest TV expolits on Netflix include (I like to get the whole series and go!) Mad men, Firefly, Battlestar Gallactica,Torchwood, Deadwood (a must!),Arrested Development,In Treatment,Big Love etc etc. and that is not including documentaries and films! enjoy amiga

  2. karen Says:

    We’ve had Netflix for a couple of years and love it! If we dont’ have time to watch, we just keep it as long as we want and there’s no fines! (We were racking up quite the fines at the library). We get only the DVD’s by mail because we are too technologically inept to do it through Wii or the computer or whatever. I like to put new movies that are just showing the trailers on my waiting list and then I’m excited six months later when they come to DVD.

  3. Katy Widrick Says:

    NOT worth the DVDs, in my opinion. We had it when it was part of the package, but cancelled when they upped their prices. I have a Roku box (like your Wii) so I watch a lot of content on Netflix and Hulu Plus. I actually like HP even more than Netflix.

    We still get DVDs through Redbox.

  4. ragtopday Says:

    I agree with Katy – not worth the DVD’s now that they’ve separated it out. Use Redbox if there is something only available on DVD you just have to see.

    I use Netflix mostly for TV series I never saw the first time around. Just watched the one and only season of “Terriers” which was fantastic! “Downton Abbey” season 1 is there if you haven’t seen it yet – excellent show! In my queue are also: “Friday Night Lights”, “Doctor Who”, “Firefly” and many, many more!

    Oh, I use a Roku box too – much better quality than the Wii gives – something to consider for the future if you find you’re using it a lot!

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