Monday, Monday…

February 27, 2012

It is another picturesque morning in paradise…another day without snow…sigh…

I do feel a bit guilty complaining, so I try to limit myself, but as winter approached, we kept telling Boo about snow…feet of snow that would be as tall as he is…and so far, he has had to content himself with wispy flakes falling from the sky…an inch here and there that disappears within moments. We promise, Boo, you WILL see snow someday.

I’ve mentioned before that while I follow politics obsessively, I do try to keep my mouth shut on my blog. I don’t begrudge anyone else his or her opinion. This year, it has become increasingly painful to watch and listen. If one follows the principle of “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself”, one would think that we are an angry, ugly, intolerant people. It is as if the Republican candidates (and I reference Republicans because they are the party with a choice this year) are trying to tell us what to worry about, rather than we the people telling our politicians what we want them to worry about. Who would have guessed that the often aggressive rhetoric would be on religion and contraception rather than jobs and poverty. Very sad.

Whew! Off my soapbox now…

We have been on another cooking jag lately…roasted leg o’ lamb with roasted potatoes and carrots, homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs, coconut milk lamb curry with leftovers, chocolate chip and walnut and sea salt cookies, lush salads replete with jicama, avocados, shredded red and napa cabbage, green onions, cauliflower and radishes…yum! We are doing a bit better with portion control and I fill myself up as much as possible on the aforementioned salad (which I could eat for 2 meals a day without blinking an eye) and other veggies…so far, nothing gained…nothing lost, but nothing gained.

Monday is laundry day, so off to sort clothes…do you sort clothes or just dump them in the washer willy-nilly? I sort…my current piles are jeans, colors, lights, sheets, towels…amazing how much less laundry there is now that the two kidlets are grown and gone…


3 Responses to “Monday, Monday…”

  1. Laura Pallas Says:

    I sort my clothes as I take them off by putting them in separate baskets. When one basket is full, or I am running out of underwear, I wash.

  2. ragtopday Says:

    I don’t sort. Except that sheets are usually done as a single load, and towels are done as a single load. All clothes get thrown in together though.

    Chocolate chip and sea salt cookies??? (I would leave the walnuts out). Care to share the recipe?

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