Bits and pieces, hither and yon…

February 6, 2012

I have shared so many photos of the world around me…what the photos can’t convey is the world of sound around me as I shoot…the tinkle and crunch of frozen puddles as Boo and I walk down the driveway…the susurration of the ocean and of the wind in the trees…the warning chirp of the squirrels deep in the woods to their friends nearby as we pass by…the chirping and cawing and wing flapping of birds that overwinter here…I suppose I could capture it all in videos, but, at least for now, the still camera is my element.

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately…not getting to sleep, but staying asleep. I blame it mostly on my friend, Men.O.Pause…I also blame my expanded midsection and difficulty in losing weight on that pal o’ mine…I used to think it was just me, but have heard the same story from so many women in my stage of life. One of the blogs I read regularly, Friend for the Ride, is written entirely about one woman’s journey through “the change”…I am grateful to her and to the women who comment on her posts for validating and helping to explain my own journey.

When we moved here last March, we converted our two cats from indoor/outdoor cats to indoor only…we live in the woods and see constant evidence of the fishers, martens, foxes and other feral creatures who share our space…the risk seriously outweighs the benefits to the cats of roaming free…I have been amazed at how well these two outdoor-loving felines have adapted…probably better than I have…they have perches and hideaways throughout the house where they can bask in the sun, watch the birds and stay out of reach of the too-friendly pup…they seem perfectly happy to look and not feel…I think I worry about it more than they do!

Speaking of the too-friendly pup, Boo comes with us when we visit my dad-in-law at his assisted living complex…it never ceases to amaze me how this little bundle of the softest fur in the world brightens up the faces of the residents…he is so gentle with those fragile elders leaning on their walkers and canes…he dances on his hind legs so they can reach him…he has even won over the die-hard cat fans! It brightens my world every time…

All right, enough babbling about nothing in particular…time to venture out into the cold with Boo and enjoy the sights and sounds of our world.


3 Responses to “Bits and pieces, hither and yon…”

  1. Laura Pallas Says:

    susurration……. look at you and your fancy words:)

    I want to validate the menophase midsection remodeling concern.
    You know how skinny I always was. I could eat whatever I wanted, no problems.
    Well, not only do I have a healthy layer of fat on my tummy but my breasts have gotten bigger too. I call the fat on my tummy my “savings account”. The breasts….. my old B- was easier than the current B+, C-. I am sure if I lost the 15-20 pound difference in weight that these things would be more reasonable. To do that would require a shift in my metabalism that I am not up to right now.
    Love you, love myself

  2. Barbara Jones Says:

    I love your writing, Lynna.

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