In my refrigerator…

January 20, 2012

I am going to spend the weekend “off the grid”…spending time with friends and I want to enjoy every moment fully.

Our refrigerator has been brimming with leftovers, which we are managing to eat our way through…leaving some behind for hus, the leftover-eating prince (the two kings of leftover-eating are my other dad, Michael, and my bro-in-law, Terry…they are worth paying to see as they eat their way through a refrigerator!)…I know hus will take advantage and cook for himself things my plain palate can’t tolerate…our leftovers are:  An amazing pot roast with sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions and carrots; lentil stew with onions, carrots, spices and, late, a boneless, skinless chicken breast which simmered in the crockpot with the lentils; spaghetti and home-ground hamburger and sweet Italian sausage meatballs; and pea soup with ham…yum! I love cooking in the winter.

I realized this morning that I haven’t showed off my favorite puppy lately…oops! He went to the groomer a couple of weeks ago and they blew out his curls! He looked like a show dog with soft hair sticking straight up…it has taken all this time to get him back to looking almost normal.

I should be back online next week and will catch up with all my favorite bloggers and friends…stay safe and warm!


One Response to “In my refrigerator…”

  1. Katy Widrick Says:

    BOO BOO!

    I think you could make a killer lentil loaf or lentil burgers with the leftovers. Maybe scoop of some of the veggies and broth from the stew, add an egg or two and mix with bread crumbs?

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