Oh, what a night…

December 28, 2011

OK, here goes another December weather rant.  Puppy and I went to bed last night to the sighing sounds of the surf.  We slept pretty soundly until somewhere just after midnight, when the howl of the wind, crash of the waves on the rocks below our house and bang! of small objects hurled against the house.  Boo barked and ran circles around the room, begging to be let out to fight the noisy monster. I let him out and he conducted a thorough examination of the yard…all the snow was gone and twigs and branches were strewn about, but he could not, for the life of him, find the monster. So, we came back in and attempted to settle back down…no luck…first the power went out (causing lots of tweets and peeps from electrical devices around the house), then it came back on to more tweets and peeps. This precipitated another trip outside, still to no avail. All in all, he went out four times between midnight and 4am…then, finally, he was able to fall asleep curled into my legs…wouldn’t want that howling monster to break in and blow me away!

This morning, the wind has subsided a bit, but the waves are still crashing and it is 51 DEGREES FARHENHEIT outside! AT THE VERY END OF DECEMBER!!! Here’s a glimpse…

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The good news is that the snow is gone, so I can take the lights off our outdoor tree without falling down the cliff!  I will miss my rainbow tree and can’t wait to make it even more magnificent next year…


3 Responses to “Oh, what a night…”

  1. Katy Widrick Says:

    Do you have to take down the lights? I will miss them!

    • StarStruk Says:

      I surely didn’t want to, but two of the three strings shorted out and were going to have to be replaced next year anyway…so, I pulled it all down a little while ago. I had intended to leave the star up, but in pulling the strings, the star flew off. Boo hoo…

  2. karen Says:

    I have to agree this is the craziest New England weather we’ve had in a long time. Snow in October, and balmy weather in December. What’s next?

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