’twas the day after Christmas…

December 26, 2011

It snowed again last night…I woke up this morning to find a light blanket of the white stuff outside. It covered Boo’s footprints from yesterday out on the deck and frosted the trees in a dusting of sparkle! A wonderful surprise for our Boxing Day!

A sprinkle of sparkle

I had so much gifted to me yesterday. My green-eyed cat necklace, smoked Alaska salmon and homemade dried bananas (thank you, Mom and Michael!), fluffy aloe-impregnated socks, homemade peanut brittle (thanks, Dad and Judy!)…and more…the highlights, however, were the Google Hangout all the “kids” had with us and our brunch with my dad-in-law at his assisted living facility. Later, while waiting for the Bears v. the Packers game, hus and I feasted on leftover prime rib and duchess potatoes…I had no room for pineapple upside down cake, but did manage to swallow a little decadent Madagascar chocolate with nibs and sea salt. What a happy day it was…

Boo got a new toy and the promise of endless pigs ears and hard chews, but his FAVORITE gift was white and fell out of the sky.  He had seen snow on the ground, but this time, big, white puffs floated out of the sky and fascinated and delighted the pup…he ran and leapt and buried his nose in it, he tried to catch it in his mouth…he looked for all the world like a small child reveling in the unknown. Ahhh…

Now, that is one happy puppy!


3 Responses to “’twas the day after Christmas…”

  1. emjayandthem Says:

    Your pictures of “Boo” playing in the snow made me smile. Thank you and happy Boxing Day! 🙂 MJ

  2. Ginny Says:

    OMG! nothing makes me more happy and satisfied than looking at a dog romping, digging in the snow, or playing tag or just being happy. These photo’s of Boo are gorgeous!!!!!! Please post more doggy pics, you have a fine eye for photography which makes you feel you are there and you can feel the vibe.Your Christmas sounds really lovely and happy.
    I’m in Miami, on Xmas day we had sunny weather and joined my nephews and uncles on the beach followed with a dinner with loads of cooked veggies and lamb. My best prezzie ever was when my nephews told me they loved me and told me I was their favorite aunty. My next best prezzie was the little Tracfone SVC phone they gave me. I was relieved to just sleep late today and just serve Xmas leftovers for lunch. I think the day after Christmas is just as much a super day as Christmas. As I get older I find I need to be with my family more and more, that’s why I love Christmas so much.

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