OK, I am almost speechless here…

December 20, 2011

I just got back from my morning walk with Boo…I shed my boots and jacket, walked over to my computer to start downloading photos, when something caught my eye…remember, please, that it is 30 degrees outside (wind chill is 18 degrees) and the water temperature is just plain frigid…

I was totally baffled as to why these folks might be scuba diving out in my backyard in DECEMBER!!!  They motored out in a lobster boat with motor boat attached, donned scuba gear, hopped in the little boat and later tipped over backwards into the ocean, with net bags in hand.  The little boat hovered nearby for about 10 minutes before the divers were ready to come back in…then, they all motored back to the lobster boat.  In order to discover what these guys could possibly have been doing, I called my husband and asked.  His guess?  Sea anemone.  An industry developed in the 80s and, I guess, continues today. It apparently began because sea anemone roe was a Japanese delicacy. I know that in years past, there were vast harvesting ships out off our coast, but it was all mechanized.  These men were just diving into the oh-so-very-COLD Atlantic Ocean and harvesting by hand.

Do you think hus is right?


One Response to “OK, I am almost speechless here…”

  1. StarStruk Says:

    Sea urchins, not anemone…my mistake, not hus’…

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