My thoughts are like the waves crashing on the rocks outside…

November 30, 2011

Although I live a relatively sedate life, with very little variety, there are times when the thoughts tumble around in my mind…maybe if I do a brain dump here, it will help!

It is a rainy, windy, wave-pounding 52 degrees outside…November 30, Midcoast Maine, 52 degrees.  I’m enjoying it, but am a little afraid of what is causing all these weather oddities…

WARNING – POLITICAL:  Newt Gingrich makes my skin crawl…he is a hypocrite and has a personal life that leaves me wanting to wash my hands…probably the worst part for me is that he thinks he is smarter than the rest of us and turns around any opposition as if only HE can possibly understand the issues…he sneers at non-believers and it makes me very uncomfortable.  Most of the other Republican candidates are just too silly to believe, but Gingrich is a powerful, charismatic man…scary.

I know you know that many of my blog posts lately have been full of photos.  I think my love affair with the camera started very slowly when I started my blog a few years ago.  I’m not a professional, rather an amateur (in the true meaning of the word).  But especially since we moved from Massachusetts up to Maine, I rarely go outside without my camera hanging around my neck.  I see small things that become patterns, or little woods animals I would normally not even notice, or colors!  The light here is amazing and I am addicted.

I’m in love with a little Boo dog, a little Boo dog loves me…

Boo in the woods - LOVE that tail!

I am still struggling to propagate my African violets…following my mom’s advice, I managed to sprout babies from two separate leaves.  After I transplanted them, I lost one leaf and now it appears that the babies are starting to wither…I’m determined to do this right…I just started a couple of new leaves and my fingers are crossed.

To any of my fellow plant lovers…I brought my tree rose indoors for the winter.  It is still blooming and looking pretty healthy.  However, the leaves are coated with something sticky and then are covered with tiny little white specks…anyone?

And finally…I’m hearing that Black Friday and Cyber Monday were huge hits this year…more money spent than before…hmm…that really surprised me (and, no, I didn’t buy anything on either BF or CM)…maybe folks are starting to feel a little hopeful???

OK, I feel a little better now…thanks!


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