Our times…

November 16, 2011

Watching Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hilarious reaction to the loin-cloth wearing, torchbearing, tattooed streaker running behind her photo opportunity in Hawaii today got my day off to a rollicking start…what a wonderful, genuine full-body laugh!  If you haven’t seen it, seek it out somewhere online.

Politics, on the other hand, have me pulling out my hair, shouting at the TV, wondering where in the world we are going…what in the world have we become…I am a registered and confirmed “Unenrolled” or “Independent”…my leanings are definitely liberal, which has a lot to do in which candidate or position I support, but I like to think I have an open mind.  This year, however, has me crazed.  Congress is constipated, candidates are idiots, people are unemployed, social strata are more defined than ever, we are all flailing. Please, can we not have reasonable people come up with reasonable solutions?  Then, as soon as I think (or in this case, write) about it, I think how lucky I am to live in a democratic country and that these complicated times are part and parcel of living here.  I am allowed to complain, disagree, be embarrassed by candidates…so I will!

The world around me is undergoing a slow transformation into winter…I guess this is what a real fall is like…growing up in Southern California, fall meant football and nights that needed a light jacket.  Then, spending time in New England cities, fall meant lining up the snow plow guy, finding the boots and gloves, putting a snow brush in the car.  Now that we are living closer to Mother Nature, I see the leaves change color daily, the slow progression to leaves on the ground…I can see farther into the woods…soon the little world around me will be more open for puppy exploration.

Then there is my little Sebring convertible…I love my car, love driving with the top down…however, I now live in WinterLand AND I have a dog…ipso facto, not much top-down driving.  So we are in the process of trading two cars for a new little truck…much more practical here and we will be back to just one vehicle per person.  Wait…who am I becoming?  A TRUCK???  I love my new life.


3 Responses to “Our times…”

  1. Beth Moffitt Haverlah Says:

    Great post Lynna! I enjoy your writing so much.

  2. Katy Widrick Says:

    Yes, politics is a scary place right now…I so long for non-partisan discussions, in which Republican can agree with Democratic-led plans and vice versa. There are so many ideas and policies that die because people refuse to cross party lines!

    The debates are out of control.

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