And so it begins…

October 26, 2011

I woke up this morning with the winter comforter pulled up around my ears and a puppy snuggled into the curve of my legs…brrrrrr…I looked over at the outdoor/indoor thermometer, put my glasses on and looked again…outside, 41 degrees F…inside, 41 degrees F…oops…I slept with the slider open to the sound of the ocean last night and paid the price this morning.  Once I got up, bundled into jeans and two sweatshirts, closed the door, turned up the heat and dumped my freezing cold coffee down the drain, puppy and I were quite ready for a brisk walk.

Getting ready for winter

A spot of color in the nearly dormant garden

Witchy branches to the sky

A stubborn crimson leaf hangs on

Squirrel watched us watching him

P.S.  I know that 41 degrees F isn’t THAT cold, but it always seems colder with hot summer days so close in the rear view mirror!


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