A bye Sunday…

October 23, 2011

The Patriots have a bye this weekend, so it gives me a chance to check up on other teams without having to worry about the Pats.  Go San Diego and the Lions (no offense, Matt Ryan)!

Really good food I made this week:  A crock pot pot roast with potatoes, sweet potatoes, home grown onions, a hunk of pot roasty beef and a can of diced tomatoes, supplemented with two little containers of Knorr’s new Beef Stock concentrate and a cup or so of water…delicious day one, better days two and three; then, roasted boneless leg of lamb which was an incredibly delicious Shepherd’s Pie the next day…that one only lasted two meals…thumbs up to both recipes.

After days and days of higher-than-normal seas, we are relatively quiet here today…a very quiet breeze is barely stirring the tuned wind chimes…it was 41 degrees when I woke up and is now 54 chilly degrees…a beautiful fall day.

All three animals seem to be feeling the change of season…they are all sleeping a lot…the cats find the sunniest spots and lounge around, while Boo follows me around and finds a place to curl up not far from wherever I light.  Darlin’ dog…

I’m of two minds about the approaching winter…winter will mean that the doors and windows will be closed most of the time, which is hard for me…but it also means radiant floor heat…heavenly, just plain heavenly.

Oh, and we had our first fire in the fireplace of the season yesterday…we are having a load of firewood delivered and I will be doing as much stacking as my sciatica will allow…something so satisfying about a replenished woodpile.

Shhhh…I’m typing as quietly as I can…I have a sleeping Boo next to me AND a sleeping calicocat Phoebe next to him…this almost never happens…maybe winter will bring a détente among the cats and the dog and we can ALL sleep snuggled up on the bed at the same time…

Phoebe, the enormous dilute calico

Sophie, the Snowshoey/Siamesie cat in a bag

And, of course, there is Boo!


One Response to “A bye Sunday…”

  1. karen Says:

    Your recipes sound wonderful. I put a package of Lipton onion soup mix with my pot roast in the crock pot – gives it a wonderful flavor.

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