A windy, choppy, gray day…

October 20, 2011

We have been blessed with a lot of gorgeous weather since we moved here.  But I have to admit I cherish those stormy days that come my way.  The wind and choppy seas of the last few days have been hard to capture with my trusty camera sidekick…the light is very gray and makes everything look as if it were taken in black-and-white, with some pastels subsequently watercolored in…

Rainy pond

Ocean facing

The Rooster and the cow

A day that is shades of gray…


2 Responses to “A windy, choppy, gray day…”

  1. karen Says:

    I love an occasional stormy day as well, but it seems we’ve had an awful lot of rain this fall. It’s been making me cranky. I’m so happy to wake up this morning to sunshine, and hopefully the weathermen are right and we’ll have the sun all weekend.

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