It is a chickadee fest!

October 3, 2011

Last week, hus rehung the black sunflower seed feeder in front of our bedroom window (which is also where the dresser on which the cats eat is located).  The hummingbirds that flocked around the variegated fuchsia all summer are gone and the cats needed new entertainment.

And entertainment there is!  The chickadees are FLOCKING to the feeder.  If I can manage a photo before I hit publish, I will.  But they are quick little buggers and the window has a salty haze on it, so shooting them is not easy.

Variegated fuchsia, a/k/a hummingbird heaven, closed for the season

Momentarily unoccupied, but HUGELY popular black sunflower seed feeder

Well, that wasn’t pleasant…all my photos are dark because it is cloudy, overcast, raining and gloomy out there…and they are blurry because of the salt-sprayed windows…and, of course, the chickadees disappeared as soon as I got the camera out…sigh…that’s okay…it is just that kind of day…

Oh, wait, I procrastinated long enough…the chickadees came back!  The photos are still dark and blurry and the birds stubbornly refused to pose, but…


One Response to “It is a chickadee fest!”

  1. Very cool, Lynna! Thanks for persevering! I am curious as to why the chickadee is using one “foot” to hold on and one to scratch at the feeder!

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