Life with a puppy…

September 10, 2011

A long, long time ago, I birthed a baby, then, 3 years later, another one.  I remember infancy and toddlerhood as the period in my life when I had no self…babies don’t come with a schedule or with any discernible instructions…they decide when they want what they want, they just feel it and open their mouths and scream…or, when they get to be a little older, open their mouths and babble unintelligibly.  They need you and they need you NOW.  They do grow up and go away and you are left with a much quieter life which is centered around the two of us…hus and I can basically live how WE want to live.

Introduce one puppy…sweet, adorable, puppy…

Boo being adorable

New haircut, on alert!

The operative word here is puppy…which basically means back to infancy…

Puppies chew…or at least this one does…almost nonstop.  Despite our efforts to keep all chewable objects out of his way, we have lost baseball hats, socks, a pair of jeans, shoes, hard rubber Kongs (supposedly chew proof), squeaky toys…he is the most efficient chewer I have ever met…and he looks so cute and innocent doing it!

Puppies play…or at least this one does…he is smart, lightning quick and small…he runs, he bounds – all feet in the air, he spins.  He loves to chase things, so we have a huge variety of tennis balls and other throw toys to entertain him.  His favorite chase toys, however, are the two living, breathing cats who also share our life.  The big dilute Calico, Phoebe, will have none of it.  She completely ignores him until she can no longer ignore him, then she turns and looks him in the eye and hisses…he gets the message.   Sophie, however, the snowshoe/Siamese mix, is up for the challenge.  They run the length of the house at full tilt, one way with him in the lead, the other with her in the front.  When she gets tired of the game, she jumps up high and watches him try to figure out what happened to the game.  Sometimes he gets so excited, he reminds me of an overstimulated hyperactive child.  On a couple of occasions, my heart has leapt into my throat as he runs full tilt on the chase and doesn’t quite leave enough stopping time before crashing into a wall or the edge of the porch…I’m thinking that he is learning to avoid that painful event, but he is, after all, a puppy!

Puppies sleep…he plays and runs and chases…then he falls over asleep.  Because he is a spoiled rotten, totally adored puppy, he often sleeps on his back with his paws up and curled, spread wide to the big, bad world about which he knows nothing.  And he sleeps anywhere…on my feet in the living room, curled into the cat beds, under a bush as I weed outside…

Puppies, like babies, don’t follow a schedule…he sleeps a lot during the day and he sleeps a lot at night.  But he doesn’t sleep for long periods at a time…which means he is awake a lot at night.  Our bedroom has sliders out to the deck, plus two other floor to ceiling windows…he will be asleep, spooned into the curve of my legs, and spring up barking and en pointe!  Occasionally, he will stop, look at me and fall over, sound asleep again…more often, he leaps off the bed, charges to the slider and barks barks barks at some imagined intruder…after settling, he usually coils himself into a cat bed near the window and keeps a sleepy watch.  Then a nightlight will reflect off the window or I turn over and up he leaps!  Needless to say, I am also awake a lot at night.  So, I have reverted back to the advice my mom gave when my firstborn came home…she said “sleep when the baby sleeps”…I try to get all my “moving around” work done while he is awake, and save my “sitting down” work for when he naps.  I will also admit to perhaps lying down with him on my bed in the afternoon for his afternoon snooze, maybe just closing my eyes for a minute…

Sometimes, good things happen to good people…we try really hard to be good people and having chosen the best possible puppy for our way of life, we know that a really good thing has come to us.  Even the cats wouldn’t disagree too vigorously.

Cats on alert


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