Turbulent times…

September 8, 2011

Water, water everywhere…my friends up and down the East Coast are coping with massive quantities of rain, causing immeasurable damage.  We are lucky here, in that while we have had windy weather and an occasional rainstorm, we’re experiencing no flooding…just wet, dirty puppy paws and belly!

My friends in the Southwest are wishing that some of that water would find its way to them.  It is wildfire season and this summer’s intense heat and drought have combined to mean lots of folks losing homes, property and animals to inexorable flames.

Then there are my friends who would LOVE to be working, if only there were jobs.

Then there is the rancorous back-and-forth by politicians who, instead of focusing on doing what is best for the American people, are doing their best to see that their political views reign supreme…toppling the President seems to be paramount, leaving the rest of us in the dust, choking.

And then there are the soldiers and contractors doing their jobs in far away places, doing those jobs in the best way they can. Thanks to all for your service and your courage.  Thanks to all the family members left behind to cope with their loved ones’ absences.

I think I’ll put on my Pollyanna face and hope that sweetness and light rain down and bathe all those in peril and distress…one of my mom’s favorite phrases was “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”  Let’s see if we can fill the world with horses so we can all ride!

Wave action


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