September 2, 2011

The ocean waves have settled down, the flotillas of churned up seaweed have blanketed the shores and moved on and life here has returned to normal.  Today was my day to take care of the little things that Irene left behind.

I started off by rinsing the encrusted salt from all the ocean-facing windows…then I moved on to the plants.

Some of my plants really did not do well against the pounding, salty wind…

Sad shallots

Salty Topsy Turvey tomatoesYellowing parsleys

Really ratty looking broccoli and yellow pepper

Sad sunflowers

Sad cherry tomatoes

 Then there were those which seemed completely unaffected by their brackish bath…

Flourishing tomatoes

Bouncing basil

Grand geranium

Rosie roses

The only surviving cabbage out of 6 planted

All of the plants have now been bathed and we will see what happens.  I think that the fact that they were raised in an already salty, seaside atmosphere, there is still a chance for most of them. Fingers crossed!


3 Responses to “Post-post-Irene…”

  1. karen Says:

    I”m sure it doesn’t help that it’s almost the end of summer. I hope you got a chance to harvest some things before the storm.

  2. ragtopday Says:

    Brackish bath – I love the phrasing! So jealous of the vegetables’ seaside view!

  3. Sandi G Says:

    Looking at your pictures reminded me of people, some weather the storm better than others 🙂
    Agree with Brackish bath about the seaside view!

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