September 2, 2011

I had an overwhelming nightmare last night…I would call it recurring except that this was head and shoulders above its recent predecessors.

I dreamt that I was moving…it started out that I was moving out of one specific house, but over the course of the night, I had moved out of every house I had ever lived in…all in one dream.  And I wasn’t packing, I was just moving everything in every house into the backyard (one single backyard, mind you).  I actually moved things that were never in any of the houses I have lived in!  I started off with vim and vigor and worked myself into a stupor…just before I woke up for the last time, the police had been there and had required that we cover all the piles (which by then were as high as and in the shape of cargo containers) with tarps…all the vehicles had to be loaded into flat-bed trucks and strapped down.  And we were STILL moving piles of THINGS out of the house!!!!

Also, every dog we ever owned (except Boo…?) was there…but not all the time…they came and they went.  I would grab an armload of clothes or carpets and VOILA!  Sleeping dogs, playing dogs…but very subtle…only appearing when they were uncovered.  Interesting, as until Boo came along, I was a cat lover / snob…but not a single cat in the nightmare…maybe cats are much better at disappearing just when the hard work begins…they didn’t reappear because the moving never ended until I woke up.

One of the things I moved was racks and racks of theatrical costumes…whole racks of the curtain clothes costumes the Sound of Music kids wore; sparkly hats and canes for the last scene of Stepping Out; an orchard of apple tree costumes (complete with plastic apples stuck all over) from The Wizard of Oz…even all the incredibly amazing painted candies and chocolate rivers and colorful / crazy costumes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…I really wanted to call a local theater group and give them all away, but there was never enough time to call.

There were LOTS of people helping, but I had to direct the action…plus help…I was so overwhelmed, I felt as if I would collapse…and then had to grab another armload of STUFF and move it…

The oddest thing about this nightmare was that it spanned the whole night, interrupted twice by Boo barking crazily (from a dead sleep to full alert in 1/2 second flat) at reflections of the nightlight on the sliding glass doors and later, a trip outside so he could … ahem … use the facilities.  I woke up with a start at 6am, straight up, completely hyper…I felt compelled to jump out of bed and do something.  I took Boo out for his morning constitutional, brewed myself a cup of coffee and talked myself down.  I am almost back to normal, but feel as if I will be quite productive this morning.  Thank you, nightmare…

Although I an NOT a dream-interpreter, I know where most of the nightmare highlights come from…but, DOGS????  Cargo container shaped piles of THINGS, easy, but DOGS????

OK, I think I have talked myself off the edge…I know it doesn’t sound very nightmarish…but it was how the feeling of it lasted a long time after I actually awoke from it.  Thank you for being there.

Do you have night-long, but broken sleep, nightmares?  Do you remember your nightmares?  Your dreams, in general?


2 Responses to “Nightmare…”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    I have had a recurring nightmare for years. It is quite specific. One of my children dies. It is always the same child. I see her picture that is posted in the eulogy for her and there is an overwhelming sorrow and despair associated with everything. I hate the dream (besides the obvious) because after I wake up from it, it takes me days to shake off that despair.

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