Did I miss National Dog Day???

August 31, 2011

These last few weeks have been uncharacteristically hectic, starting with a long weekend in NYC which necessitated boarding our precious Boo.  While it is hard leaving him, it cheers me up to see people’s faces as they see him…everyone at the vet’s office loves him and folks in the waiting room have fun guessing his breed.  I know I have mentioned, ad nauseam, that Boo is a mini aussiedoodle, which is just a fancified way of saying he is a mutt, cross between poodle and australian shephard…gray and black camouflage coloring and curly, soft little curls…furry little leggings on a stocky little body…just made the 20lb. mark…he’ll be 7 months on September 10.  At any rate, I read the other day that it was National Dog Day and I missed it.  So, Boo, here’s to you, my constant little companion…

A reminder of what Boo looked like when he moved in, 4mo

Oh, heavens, life is so hard...

Falling asleep standing up

Where did that chipmunk go????

Peek a boo! I see you!

Can you tell that smelling is my favorite sense????

Who, me?

I LOVE naps!


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