Here comes Irene…

August 25, 2011

And so it begins…the weather folks are predicting that Hurricane Irene may impact New England, including our little pocket of midcoast Maine, near the end of her run.  Even though she will probably be Category 1 at worst when she arrives, that still means high winds and heavy rain…it means that old trees hanging on by their final roots may decide that this is the time to give up and fall…we live in the boonies, so blocked driveways and downed power lines are a serious problem.  We have a few days before she makes her way here (if she does indeed come up this far), so we are looking around for potential hazards and battening down the hatches…plants need to be moved from hooks and railings and ledges, birdfeeders need to be brought down, cars need to be parked away from trees…and then other things that I will probably not think of until too late.

As I look out to the ocean, I see that the sailboats are out in full force, all without their sails flying, heading for safer water or mooring.  The photos all look the same, but I swear that those are not all of the same sailboat.

Sailing for cover

Sailing for cover

Sails down

Think he knows?

A little snack before the storm


One Response to “Here comes Irene…”

  1. Dad Says:

    Take care honey. I wrote you an e-mail before I read this. It seems I am a little late with it. Just be safe. Love you,

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