August 2, 2011

 We have had Wii for a few years now.  Christmas one year was the Wii Fit setup.  We have used it a few times, but although we talk a good game about stepping up our exercise level, the only thing we have added is a daily walk with Boo.  So it was with incredible trepidation that I stepped on Wii Fit this morning and let it weigh and evaluate me.  I was horrified to see that I have almost 11 pounds to lose to get out of the overweight category into the normal category.  My balance is still really poor (I was scarily bad at the “whack the soccer ball with your head” game…) and I didn’t even try the hula hoop exercise.  Sigh…the only good news is that my adjusted age was 51, which is a lot of years younger than I really am…must be doing something right!

Second foggy and overcast day in a row…nice to have it not be so hot and muggy…

Fog is lifting...

Foggy islands

Foggy workday

Fog is still lifting


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