A cool and foggy day…

May 23, 2011

This whole week has been on the gloomy side, weather-wise, drizzle, pelting, more drizzle, just fog…this was the first day this week, though, that I saw the lobster boats out collecting their prizes…

My front yard

I started the above on May 18 and then promptly abandoned it.  Here it is, May 23, almost a week later AND IT IS STILL CLOUDY, GLOOMY AND RAINY!!!!  I believe we have seen a few moments of lightened sky, but if you blinked, you missed it.  I don’t mind so much, where I live is beautiful in any weather.  But I haven’t been able to plant any of my much-anticipated veggies and herbs.  My pansies, violas and geraniums are surviving, barely, but certainly not thriving.  I have been doing a lot of weeding (easy because the ground is saturated), but my soul wants color and life!  Maybe next week…

P.S.  The arrival of the lobster boat that fishes in front of my house is a weekly treat…I jump out onto the deck as soon as I hear the diesel motor and the squawk of gulls.  There are two guys on the boat…one drives while the other prepares the bait…the driver pulls up the trap, they clear it, toss the old bait overboard, the gulls scream and dive, the guys refill the trap with bait, it goes back over the edge and the driver steers them to the next trap.  They wave at me, I wave back, our little ritual.  I’d be willing to bet that THEY would love to see some sunshine, too!


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