I’m still here…

April 13, 2011

Blogging, I have missed thee!  But my absence has been for a good cause.  When I last left you, the little house was full of packed boxes, with little paths winding from one door to another, one room to another.  Enter hus, returned from his trip, to save the day.  He started opening boxes and distributing things.  I was afraid to open the boxes because there was nowhere to put the things from inside.  Hus didn’t care…he opened the boxes and just put things anywhere.  When I do that, I have to find just the right place for each item.  His way seems more random, but in the long run, it somehow all comes out right.  And it gets done.  It took us a week to get the house looking like a real house…a week and untold trips to the Transfer Station and Goodwill.  I still have to sort through my shoes (winter boots are going away and rest-of-the-year shoes are coming out) and find a place for them.  I am proud to say that as soon as that is accomplished, I will be able to close the closet doors for the first time.  Small triumphs!

One of the reasons I hate moving so much is that I am so bad at it.  You would think that after 36+ years of moving so many times, I would have figured it out.  However, there is no part of the moving process that I like or am good at…and unpacking is the worst of the worst.  “Normal” people just power through those feelings and do what needs to be done.  I, however, must find myself a cozy corner and surround myself with things familiar to me…this time around, it has been NPR radio and my smartphone with Audible audiobooks, Words With Friends and email…I am a lazy, lazy person and am here to admit to it.  That’s why I blogged so frequently for a while…it allowed breaks from working and worrying about what goes where and what goes/stays…I do, however, do a bit better when there is an alpha dog present to direct the action.  I can’t very well be a total sloth when my other half is breaking his back and soldiering through, now, can I?  He still ends up doing 75% to my 25%, but oh, well…

The last piece of the technological puzzle is about to be put into place (fingers crossed!)…we should soon have TV.  At our old house, it was just a matter of calling the company, picking up the equipment and plugging in.  Here, there is more involved…we had to have a real person tromping through the woods with us, locating the only place on the property that is appropriate for siting the equipment and then arrange to take down a couple of trees for that purpose.  The trees are down, the real person is coming back later this week and we should be completely back in the land of the technologically gifted! I’ve missed it, but not terribly.  We actually watched the Masters last weekend on my laptop!  Where there’s a will, there is a way!

The final, and most complicating, reason for my absence was a pesky cold that messed with both our heads and lungs…we were both slogging through, hacking and wheezing…neither of us slept decently, so the unpacking nightmare seemed to take on epic proportions…once again, all praise to hus, who managed to push us both onward and through…had it been just me, I would have buried myself in bed with the covers over my head…I plied us with fruit smoothies and baked potatoes and hus mentored me in the art of unpacking…what a pair…

My next post will be photos…I adore living so close to the ocean and can’t seem to keep from snapping pictures…life is good.

Now, to finally shake this horrible cold monster…


One Response to “I’m still here…”

  1. Al Pallas Says:

    It is not strange that my daughter has all these problems. She is so much like her father. Poor thing! In this house my wife is the organizer and hub does what goes where or any where, with directions of course. You found the perfect mate(as I have)and the two of you are a perfect fit. Never sell yourself short, I would die for your IQ. Love you both so very much!

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