Watch out, I’m ba-ack…

March 21, 2011

To all my friends and family who have been waiting with bated breath for my return to blogdom, here I am!!!  No photos with this post, but watch out…I can’t seem to stop taking photos of life around me out here in the boondocks.

Let’s see…I think I left off surrounded by packed boxes and mounds of give-aways.  Fast forward to Friday morning two weeks ago, with a 26′ UHaul truck parked in our driveway and two hired hands to help us load it.  We were well prepared, with most things packed and staged for ease of loading…however, there was the basement which held all of hus’ tools and lumber and accoutrements…left until last, it loomed large…meanwhile, the dumpster overflowed and we called in the dumpster people for a quick dump-and-switch…the hired hands got most of our belongings packed in and then pooped out…we paid them and then continued packing the truck and the two cars…late at night, we dropped onto the futon mattress we had left just for that purpose, caught a few hours of sleep and then arose to continue stuffing the last odds and ends in and piling up the dumpster again.  Instead of leaving at 6am, we left around 2:30pm…which meant that we arrived at the beginning of our 1/2 mile + driveway in the dark…our dirt driveway that was gooey with half-frozen deep mud.  For the sake of my blood pressure, which has now returned to a somewhat normal level, let me just say that at one point, the 26′ truck blocked the only road onto our peninsula for 4 hours, stuck solidly.  The first tow truck driver broke two cables trying to tug the truck out…the second, taking lessons from the first, used stronger cable, used two of them slung around two separate trees and managed to heave our behemoth out.  The truck spent the night in the middle school parking lot and we drove the car down the long driveway in exhaustion.  The next morning, along with the three strong young backs we hired to help us unpack, we started unloading.  Although the guys were booked for two days, they managed to get it all done in 3/4 of a day…awesome!  Not so awesome was the fact that our new little house was piled ceiling to floor with boxes…we could only get from the front door into the bathroom and the bedroom.  Even less awesome was the phone call hus received calling him back into work, into a flight leaving the next day…WHAT???  We have now-funny stories of many of our moves (and we had many moves the first 15 years of our married lives) of me being left mid-move, but this was the worst.  Alone, in a tiny house stuffed full of boxes, no telephone, no internet, no TV, no friends, no food and, worst of all, no PURSE!!!  Yes, my purse, which contained all my moving cash, my credit card, debit card, my kids’ addresses…all gone…there were only two logical places it could be…the restaurant we stopped at for breakfast and my dad-in-law’s apartment…both places were searched, no purse.  Needless to say, I fell to pieces and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed…woe is me, why me, me me me…then I woke up the next day and started to dig my way out of the mess.

Fast forward again a couple of days and I visited my dad-in-law for cocktail and dinner and lo and behold, there was my purse…apparently his helper found it and put it away…then I found the modem for the internet…then the program wouldn’t install because I have Windows 7…then a nice man from the internet/phone company talked me through a work-around and VOILA!  I have internet!!!  Plus, I have phone, although there is something wrong with the signal and it pops and crackles unbearably and it is flurrying outside so I don’t want to go out and test the line to be sure the problem is with the phone company…ahhhh…but I found my purse and I have internet…what more could a ditched damsel want?

At some point, I’ll take a picture of where I sit to blog…I am such a lucky thing…


7 Responses to “Watch out, I’m ba-ack…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Happy to see you posting with an update – sorry you were abandoned in your hour of need! How awful to be purseless and internet-less! Glad both have been resolved. This move will be another fun story very soon (if it isn’t already). Can’t wait to see your view!

  2. kim Says:

    I am soooo happy to have you back. And I am totally jealous of your efficient little house in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I love you.

  3. Hope Says:

    Have missed you terribly and am glad you are back among the living.

  4. Betsi Says:

    I’m SO glad you’re back, and someday you’ll look back and laugh at this…maybe?!?! Having the truck stuck was clearly unplanned, but at least you eventually got it to the house! Just another of life’s many adventures 🙂 Miss you!

  5. Bunny Says:

    Oh Lynna!!! What a rough road to your new home!! Thanks for filling us in ~ I have been wondering how you are doing. So glad that you now have internet – all of a sudden you are miles closer to us!

  6. Al Pallas Says:

    It was so nice to talk to you the other day. We are so happy for you and now I can expect to see your blogs on a regular basis. Much happiness in your new digs. All this families love to you and the hub.
    Dad, Judy, Suzy, Quacker, Abby and Trouble

  7. karen Says:

    Talk about stress! It’ll be nice for you to unpack and settle into your new little home.

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