March 4, 2011

I’ve had it really easy these last 10 days…hus has been away and I have been packing and tossing and freecycling to my heart’s content and on my own schedule.  Now “he’s baaa-ack” and I’m in trouble.  No, not really in trouble, but it is always harder to balance the work styles of two…especially when the two work styles are diametrically opposed…especially when hus is the motivator and the organizer and the planner and my best choice is to do it his way…sigh…I know I need to knuckle under, but part of me screams to do things my way…

OK, folks, we’re goin’ in…the last few cookbooks and the glasses and china are today’s first packing objectives…oh, and it is time to book the truck!  One week and counting…


One Response to “Uh-oh…”

  1. Laura Says:

    I remember the house that you will be moving to as smallish.
    How in the world will you fit your stuff inside? Will you be putting some of it into the vacation home?

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