Old friend…

February 28, 2011

Buddy - King of all he surveys...

Buddy at rest


Pope (a/k/a Buddy, Boy Fluff) was born in Seattle, WA, one of many, many kittens born to sister cats at almost the same time.  My darling son visited his cousins in Seattle when he was around 12 (his second solo flight across country) and gloried in the pride of furry little beauties that surrounded him.  He called and asked if he could bring one home…how could I say no?  Pope (he was already named when the boy fell in love with him) flew home in a cardboard kennel in the boy’s lap.  Little did we know that Pope (I started calling him Buddy almost immediately, no idea why, but I could never get Pope to come out of my mouth when looking at him!) was at least part Maine Coon cat and that he would grow to be the size of a small dog!  He was a solid cat, but add to that a lion’s mane and you have one fearsome visage.

Now Buddy is in the last days of his long life…he is shrinking at a worrisome rate and despite feeding him gooey wet food, his weight is less than half of what it used to be.  He gets lost in the house and meows to be rescued…he sits and stares into space for minutes at a time, as if he has fallen asleep without closing his eyes…his fur is coming out in clumps…all hard to watch.

However, one thing that Buddy is as good at as ever is purring…man, that cat can purr!!!  How can one be watching the end of days of a cat who still purrs nonstop?  He really, REALLY wants to be petted and loved, despite the fact that it is almost painful to stroke that bony body…he headbutts for affection and drools with pleasure when he gets it.  Funny how the spirit continues full force while the mind and body crumble…


3 Responses to “Old friend…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Our family cat, Cricket(17), is 17 and is in the same bony shape.
    She was 11-12 pounds in her prime and is now 6.25lbs.
    She has a big purr too and I always hope that she goes out with a buzzzzzzzzz

  2. Al Pallas Says:

    It is tough honey. We went through it with Sadie and she will never be forgotten. She was the love of our life for over 12 years and gave us so much love in return. Suzy, the dog we have now, has now become the love of our life(she is almost blind and only 2 years old), but she knows our property like the back of her paw(about one acre), we are amazed at how she copes. In our eyes, she is the reincarnation(sp)of Sadie. I think Buddy knows how much he is loved and returns it with love. Love you,
    Dad & Judy

  3. […] a very worrisome day this week when Buddy disappeared…I had just blogged about him and the next morning, he didn’t appear at the foot of my bed staring at me for […]

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