February 27, 2011

Hus’ job has meant lots of moves…some big, some smaller.  Each major move has meant leaving friends behind and trying to make new ones.  But the upside is that I have little pockets of friends all around the country…friends who are able to withstand the stress of long distance friendship…not easy.  It used to be by occasional letter or phone call that connections were maintained…there were also friendships that were able to sustain on only an occasional random get-together when one or the other flew in.  Email and Facebook have made it much easier.  I’m hoping that blogging will help, as well.

Here’s hoping that my friends will make good use of Facebook and email to keep me abreast of all their goings-on…I will try to do the same.


One Response to “Friends…”

  1. Bunny Says:

    Lynna, it was so good to see you yesterday! I was thinking of you this morning and how difficult I think this move must be. Then I pictured a bunch of your “girlfriends” making a road trip up to Maine to have a sleepover, then I pictured what a great book it would make! And THEN I pictured what a great play it would make!!
    Facebook is a wonderful way to keep in touch and I look forward to reading all of your blogs. Have a safe move and God bless!

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