Drip, drip, dripping away the snow…

February 25, 2011

Awoke this morning to the sounds of rain falling on the roof and draining down the gutters…wait a sec, what happened to winter???  Although I hear that parts of Vermont will get up to a foot of wet snow today…lucky!

Happy Friday!

I have only cut my own nails on a couple of occasions…I bit my nails until about 10 years ago and they grew back so strong, I can’t cut them myself.  However, since I haven’t had time to get in to have them snipped, I am proud to announce that I cut my own fingernails yesterday and didn’t completely botch a single one of them!!!  This is a milestone…and now my nails are really, really short (more conducive to packing boxes and hauling trash).

May I just say that Charlie Sheen is an out-of-control, selfish, arrogant, dangerous man who needs to get his act together or get out of the public eye?

Watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning…have you ever noticed how BIG Norah O’Donnell’s eyes are?  I have smallish, deep-set eyes, so maybe I notice this more than the ordinary gal…

It is curb recycling day and I have TONS of paper bins to set out…pity the poor recycling truck driver, though…how heavy those rain-soaked bins must be!  Sorry, guys…

OK, since it is going to be gray and gloom today, I’m leaving us all with hope and a reminder of what will eventually come…

Check out the rainbow!


Katy and Andy frolicking in Maine



One Response to “Drip, drip, dripping away the snow…”

  1. Jean Scott Says:

    I am excited I found your website on reddit. It’s great to see such information being shared.

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