Cue the circus music…

February 24, 2011

Feeling more and more like a juggler…and I have never learned to juggle!

List = Something I should be utilizing right now, but am too overwhelmed to even start…

Boxes = hopeful beginnings, heavy finishes…

Recycling bins = brimming with memories of the past 35 years…

Basement = staging area, maze, filling rapidly…

Plants = {sniff, sniff} given away (except for cuttings from the geranium my now-deceased attorney boss gave me, which geranium has almost overtaken my house over the years)…

Cats = on high alert, aware that something is going on, cautiously enjoying the new traffic patterns in the house, gone like the wind at the sound of the doorbell…

My brain = a writhing mass of snakes, a spinning top, a stuck record…but just for the moment…the list starts today!

Original geranium


2 Responses to “Cue the circus music…”

  1. Marcia Says:

    I would love to visit you in Maine and sit in those chairs. During a relatively warm month, of course.

  2. starstruk Says:

    In the works…and no “herding cats” this time.

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