The News…

February 11, 2011

A short preface is needed here…my background (aside from theater) is in broadcast news.  I worked in radio news in the days of the AP and UPI ticker machines…my daily life was punctuated by the clattering typing of the regular news and the bells and whistles that went off for breaking news.The fact that hus was in TV news meant that I also watched a lot of TV news…news was my life!  I was and am an addict…I admit it and I don’t apologize. 

Egypt…we have been glued to the goings on in Egypt.  We have been impressed with how non-violent this protest has been and how seemingly effective.  As children of the 60s, we were so heartened by the power of peace.  There was the whole build up to last night’s speech by Mubarak…NBC confirmed that he was going to resign…a minister insisted that he was NOT going to resign…a delayed speech…the crowds continued to swell, the excitement to build and…he went on and on about how the protesters were right and he was ready to do everything they wanted EXCEPT resign.  The multitudes were stunned, then angry.  I’ll be interested to see if the peace can be maintained in Egypt.


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