Bye, bye, mountains of snow…

February 7, 2011

Ahhhh…it warmed up yesterday and the many-feet high mountains of snow in our driveway, walkways, deck and streets began to drip…drip…drip…music to my ears.  In my pajamas and boots, I was out yesterday helping mother nature clear the heavy, icy and wet snow off the deck, cracking the ice that encrusted the top of the unshoveled snow on our front steps and walkway (so much fun to try not to slide walk down the ice sheets, shattering them as I went…)…the good news is that even after I shoveled, the ice and snow kept melting and it now looks as if I did a GREAT job…<G>

Bye, bye, mountains of snow…

Daunting ice slide


So heavy...



Snowy deck
Shoveled deck
More shoveled deck

So far, I’m not sore…but I won’t hold my breath!


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