It is a toasty 8 degrees outside…

January 25, 2011

It was -8F when we got up yesterday morning, so today’s toasty 8F is…STILL COLD!!!

After snowfalls of 1-1/2 feet and 8″ and another 12″ and more in the past couple of weeks, we are being “lightly dusted” this morning…I guess my morning exercise will be clearing the front steps and walkway of “light dust”.

Packing up the house for a move is daunting, no matter how much or little one has.  I am currently stymied by the fully loaded bookshelves which adorn the walls in two rooms of our house.  My son’s bookcase houses his extensive collection, probably 15-20 boxes worth.  I really want to keep my script library (I have hundreds of scripts that I alphabetized and catalogued once upon a time…the alphabetization has become sloppy and that catalogue is trapped in a now defunct laptop), but our new house is very small and has almost no wall space…lots of windows, little room for bookcases.  I’m going to have to be very creative.

May I just say that I adore my family?  My mother, bless her heart, decided that when her 4 daughters and many nieces and nephews started having babies, it was vital to hold family reunions every few years…we were lucky enough to grow up with our cousins always around us…this was our chance to impart that sense of family connection to our kids.  Out of these reunions has emerged a wonderful family “network”…thanks to email, Facebook and blogging, among many other things, when I say family, I mean FAMILY!  And they are always there, even when we don’t feel as if we are…I am so thankful that MY children and their generation feel as my generation feels…no one loves you more than your family does…

And, finally…a few months ago, we transitioned our three cats from being indoor/outdoor cats to strictly indoor kitties…it was been very successful…they really don’t seem to miss being outside much.  Part of that adjustment has come in the form of indoor chase games…Pope a/k/a Buddy is in his last days and prefers to watch the shenanigans from the comfort of my bed.  However, Phoebe is 2-1/2 and Sophie is 1-1/2…they are healthy and strong cats and they are each others’ favorite play toys.  Our days and nights are occasionally rocked by the sound of thundering kitty paws chasing from room to room, with the occasional drop, crouch, pounce, wrassle, stare, wrassle, run intervals.  It is a good thing they are absolutely adorable cats…


One Response to “It is a toasty 8 degrees outside…”

  1. karen Says:

    Seems like they’re calling for another foot or so for Wednesday night. yippeee….NOT!

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