Kitty cat love…

January 20, 2011

Since we are getting ready for our move to Maine, our three cats have been transitioned from being indoor/outdoor cats to indoor cats.  They LOVED being outside…stalking bugs and small animals through the lawn and into the woods, languishing under the broad leaves of veggie plants in the garden, perching on the deck railing for an overview of all they surveyed.  So we anticipated a kitty revolt when we closed all the exit points.  Fortunately, we were wrong.  The cats have just morphed seamlessly into house cats.  Yes, they do often sit by the sliding glass door to the deck, but it is usually with backs to the window, for maximum exposure to sunlight.  Instead of stalking bugs and small animals, they stalk each other…they have turned into running, leaping, rolling, wrassling fools.  Well, at least two of them.  The boy cat is in the twilight of his life, slowly fading away in girth and weight, and the girls seem to realize that.  They have accepted the fact that he is no longer the King of the Catdom…he has willingly abdicated.  However, they accord him the respect he has always demanded, now that he can no longer demand it.  Smart little kitties…

Pope (a/k/a Buddy) sees all, knows all, dominates all


Phoebe loves the picnic table in the late afternoon


Sweet Sophie


4 Responses to “Kitty cat love…”

  1. karen Says:

    Beautiful kitties…..where in Maine are you moving to?

  2. Laura Says:

    How old is pope?

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