January 19, 2011

Yesterday started off as a regular work day…I climbed into my car to begin the half hour drive to the office.  Yes, it was snowing lightly, yes, this was snow on top of feet of snow, but I drove slowly and carefully and felt good.  That is, until I left my neighborhood and reached Route 16, which runs from my hometown to my workplace.  Imagine my surprise when I merged into an unending line of traffic and stopped.  The next 45 minutes were spent in stop-and-go traffic (mostly stopped) travelling approximately 8 miles…not even halfway to work and I was already late*!  Then, the stop-and-go traffic abruptly became the stopped traffic…I sat for about 5 minutes, reconsidered my decision to get to work, and hooked a U-ie.  No traffic at all on my way back home.  Lucky me that I have the best boss in the world, who understands that life and health are much more important than work.  So, surprise!  An unexpected day off!  Of course, when one is packing up a house for a move, there is no such thing as a day off.

*My definition of me being “late” to work:  I try to be there fifteen minutes to a half hour before my official “work day” begins…I like having that extra time to turn on lights and office machinery, unlock doors, check voicemail and email and settle in.


2 Responses to “Surprise!”

  1. Georgia Says:


  2. Al Pallas Says:

    You sound just like Judy as far as getting to work a little early. She has the laser and every little thing ready when the doctor gets there. Very professional!!!!

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