The day after…

January 13, 2011

The day after a big snow storm is usually amazing…even this time, when the plows were so efficient that I have no excuse to stay at home another day.

The day after, the snow is still white (sometimes with green or blue undertones) and softly mounded.

The day after, the sound of the plow scraping by, the hum of the neighbors’ snowplows and the eerily quiet shushing of car tires is all I hear.

The day after, the streets are usually covered with packed down snow and the roadsides piled high with plowed snow…still mostly white.

The day after, it is often brightly sunny with sparkling snow vistas and icily cold air.

Today is the day after…I can’t wait to see what my world looks like once the sun comes up.

Here’s more of yesterday, the day “of”…

Our "chickens" look on in awe!


From inside out

Buried mailbox


One Response to “The day after…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Beautifully written.
    I’d love the day after a little more if my kids were in school today! Another snow day for them, but I still have to work.

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